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About Digital Products


About Digital Products

None of my online products are printed. All the items are digital. When you buy a collage sheet from me, you are buying a download that you will print yourself, or at a commercial printer.

Why Digital?

Lower Cost: 

With digital products, I can keep the cost low. The rising costs of paper and toner do not have to reflect in my prices to you..

No Shipping: 

Along with the lower prices, there’s no added shipping costs, since the products are going out via download links. Those of you who live overseas, or live in places where I didn’t used to ship physical goods can now purchase almost everything folks in the US can. And hey, for that $5. in Priority Mail shipping charges, you can buy another collage sheet 

Print What You Want: 

You have the ability to print as many sheets as you like, on whatever you like, for your own use. You can select the quality of the finished product, by choosing the paper it is printed on. You also have the option to print transparencies, magnets, transfers, and stickers . Want to make a dozen cards? Print as many sheets as you need to make them. The only limitation here is that, as it says on every sheet and set, you may only print them for yourself—not for your friends, or your students.

For The Best Print Quality:

Use a color laser printer.

Print on 32lb color laser paper with a brightness of 98. 


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