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ReFashion Delights

Welcome to ReFashion Delights! Thanks for stopping by!

How Maralaina at ReFashion Delights can help you

My goal is to inspire you to rethink your wardrobe and how you are spending your fashion dollars. And then to show you how to shop for and re-fashion your own unique clothing items. Its really not that hard, and quite fun, once you get into it.

Why not save yourself a trip to the mall this season work with things you already own? The money you save might go toward a really special pair of shoes to pull everything together.

What you'll find at Re-Fashion Delights.

  • Inspiring illustrations of Re-Fashion “before and afters”

You'll see examples of what can be done with an item that is outdated, a poor fit, or in some other way un-wearable. That dress you bought on your last vacation ( just before you lost weight), for instance.

My before and after fashion illustrations will inspire you to re-think some of those items you have no use for

I can also show you how to shop for and choose thrift store items so you can create your own unique style in a tailor-made wardrobe

  • Step-by-step cutting and re-assembling instructions

I'll show you, through diagrams, what I cut away or create the new look.

  • Inspirational Videos and Slideshows

  • Sewing and DIY Tips

shortcuts, re-hemming, embellishing etc

  • Wardrobe planning

  • Costume and Cosplay Fun

  • Lingerie Tips

  • Fash-Inspiration Storyboards and Slide-Shows

I like to create a “Eye Candy” fashion storyboards, and add them designated slide-shows . On those “nothing to wear” days, I re-visit these for inspiration. They are meant to inspire readers take a second look at some of the things that are hanging in their closet, as well as to train the eye, to spot potential “goodies” while I'mout shopping.

The Storyboards in my Fash-inspiration slide-shows often do not include work-in-progress pics or videos; since I am usually too focused on snipping and stitching toward my NEW Outfit to be snapping pictures, or recording narratives.

I'm usually not wearing my “photographer hat” or my “blogging hat” while in the sewing room...for they are temporarily tossed into the corner of a distant mind-space. Remembering to get “before and after” pictures somewhere along the way, is task enout... For this reason, I will often post a link to an online site (authored by someone else) where I've seen a similar project explained in more detail. There are some excellent video tutorials out there too.



About the Author

About Maralaina

I'm a Gemini - so there are at least two of me. I am a Diva, but an outdoors one. ReFashionista, Designer, Photographer, Fashion Illustrator, Creative Artist and Blogger, are some of the hats I wear. I'm a gypsy at heart and enjoy sleeping in a tent - with a some amenities and luxuries. Of course. Creating DIY projects is a favorite pastime and I like to inspire others by sharing them. I enjoy a small-but-full family life and like to spend my free time dancing and Glamping. I absolutely love strolling along a sandy beach: in the early morning with a mug of hot chocolate; and at dusk, with perhaps a light cocktail or camera.




Hi, I'm Maralaina. I'd like to share some creative ways  I've found to personalize my wardrobe, spice up my surroundings and save some cash. You can do it too!



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