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The Pink Outhouse - DIY Glamping

The Pink Outhouse is a fun place for Glampers and Semi-Glampers to browse. Here you will find Glamping inspiration, short stories, helpful DIYs, tips and tricks, and much more. Glamping is like camping; only cleaner, comfier, safer and more luxurious. Its kind of lika a big pyjama-party!

The idea is to enjoy the adventures and wild experiences of nature and the great outdoors. But with some new rules: trashy magazines, makeup, wine glasses, cute clothes, cushy bedding and colourful sarongs replace traditional camping gear.

How I morphed from Camping to “Glamping”

Well, someone has finally come up with a catchy name for what I've been doing all along. I spent many years family camping, backpacking, canoing and hiking. We'd be trekking out to some deserted island on Lake of the Woods in Ontario for a week's stay; carrying all our provisions on our backs. If you forgot something; you had to improvise. For each one of these trips, I always managed to bring some small a real (sized-down) pillow, the thinnest bed sheet, a tiny night-lite, or a colourful sarong to cover the turned-over-canoe dinner table.

I learned to be quite resourceful with sizing these things down and finding the lightest, most compact ways to pack them into my backpack. Intead of using a standard sleeping bag; I'd cut-down a feather pillow and duvet to make them Back-pack size,. I'd bring thin cotton scarves in differnt sizes that would multi-serve as sheets, privacy curtains, pouches, sun shelter, beach blankets, saris, wrap-skirts, bedspreads, table cloths, etc. A sari covered with a thin sheet of clear vinyl makes a lovely, wipe-able table-cloth.

Since those days, I've tried different camping styles; including a tent trailer, truck cap, truck camper, a van, and even a tent on top of a truck box. Now, I'm back to a ground tent, and a well-stocked SUV. And I still enjoy the cushy glam mixed with the great outdoors.

The Pink Outhouse – how it got its name

There are no outhouses (primative privies) in the natural woods; so we would always designate an area for this use. For privacy's sake, I would string rope through the trees, and drape colourful sheets over them to create walls. My companions laughingly referred to this cordoned-off area as the Pink Outhouse.



About the Author

About Maralaina

I'm a Gemini - so there are at least two of me. I am a Diva, but an outdoors one. ReFashionista, Designer, Photographer, Fashion Illustrator, Creative Artist and Blogger, are some of the hats I wear. I'm a gypsy at heart and enjoy sleeping in a tent - with a some amenities and luxuries. Of course. Creating DIY projects is a favorite pastime and I like to inspire others by sharing them. I enjoy a small-but-full family life and like to spend my free time dancing and Glamping. I absolutely love strolling along a sandy beach: in the early morning with a mug of hot chocolate; and at dusk, with perhaps a light cocktail or camera.




Hi, I'm Maralaina. I'd like to share some creative ways  I've found to personalize my wardrobe, spice up my surroundings and save some cash. You can do it too!



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